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Ukrainian grain weekly report

Within last reporting week domestic grain (except barley) prices have slightly grown once again. Prices rose due to devaluation of the national currency and a slight strengthening of export prices in the Black Sea region.
Global wheat market last week has been in mixed trend. Chicago wheat quotes have grown on worries about freezing across winter wheat sown area in southern U.S.Plains and possible plants damaging. EU wheat prices have worsened because of EURO strengthening and strong competition from Black Sea wheat suppliers.
Black sea wheat prices have slightly grown by USD1/t. Prices have risen amid Chicago quotes strengthening and new Egyptian GASC purchases of Russian wheat.
Wheat (12.5% protein content) export prices for the week have grown by USD1/t in Ukrainian Black sea deep-water ports and by the end of the reporting period were within USD188192/t, FOB for Jan/Feb shipment. Export prices for wheat (11.5%) and feed wheat have risen by USD1/t too.
Ukrainian corn export prices have grown by USD1/t to USD164168/t USD/MT, FOB, Black sea deep ports for Jan/Feb shipping. High prices were supported by worsening of estimation of corn production in Ukraine and strong demand from importers, including China.
Export prices for feed barley remained stable USD190193/t, FOB Black sea deep ports.
Purchase prices of local processors for wheat 12.5% and 11.5% remained stable during reporting week.
As of this week, traders have set their grains export forward prices:

12.5% wheat USD188192/t (FOB, Jan shipments);
12.5% wheat USD188192/t (FOB, Feb shipments);
12.5% wheat USD190193/t (FOB, Mar shipments);
12.5% wheat USD185188/t (FOB, Aug shipments);
11.5% wheat USD181186/t (FOB, Dec-Jan shipments);
11.5% wheat USD182187/t (FOB, Feb shipments);
11.5% wheat USD180183/t (FOB, Aug shipments);
feed wheat USD179183/t (FOB, Jan shipments);
feed wheat USD179183/t (FOB, Feb shipments);
feed wheat USD175178/t (FOB, Aug shipments);
feed barley USD190193/t (FOB, Jan-Feb shipments);
corn USD164168/t (FOB, Jan shipments);
corn USD165169/t (FOB, Feb shipments);
corn USD169172/t (FOB, Mar shipments);
corn USD170174/t (FOB, Apr shipments).

Export companies activity


As of this week, Ukrainian traders have retained their 2class wheat purchase prices within UAH5,1505,500/t (EXW), unchanged against previous week; at same time, traders retained their 3class wheat prices within UAH5,0505,450/t (EXW), unchanged against previous week; feed wheat prices have lifted to UAH4,9505,300/t (EXW), up UAH50/t as of last week.
Simultaneously, on CPT Black Sea ports basis, Ukrainian export companies have grown their 2class wheat purchase prices to UAH5,5005,600/t (up UAH25/t as of last week); 3class wheat to UAH5,4505,550/t (up UAH25/t as of last week) and feed wheat to UAH5,3505,450/t (up UAH125/t as of last week).
At same time, within reporting week traders have lifted their 2class wheat FOB Black Sea ports basis export prices to USD188192/t (up USD1/t against previous week); at same time, traders have grown their 3class wheat prices USD181186/t (up USD1/t against previous week); in meanwhile, traders have grown their feed wheat prices to USD179183/t (up USD1/t against previous week), Jan/Feb 2018shipments.

As of this week, traders have lifted their EXW basis corn purchase prices to UAH4,3504,800/t (up UAH25/t as of last week).
At same time, on CPT Black Sea ports basis, exporters have grown corn purchase prices to UAH4,8505,000/t (up UAH50/t as of last week).
Besides, on FOB Black Sea basis (Jan shipments), exporters have lifted corn prices to USD164168/t, up USD1/t against previous week.


As of this week, traders have retained their feed barley purchase prices within UAH4,8505,350/t (EXW), unchanged against previous week.
Besides, on CPT Black Sea ports basis, traders have retained feed barley purchase prices within UAH5,4505,600/t, unchanged against previous week.
Also, traders have retained their export market barley prices (FOB Black Sea ports basis, Jan/Feb shipments) within USD190193/t (unchanged against previous week).

Yellow peas

Within this week domestic yellow peas prices have strengthened a little mainly due to national currency devaluation. Fundamentally nothing changed in this market
So, within this week domestic yellow peas EXW purchase prices ranged within UAH5,0005,700/t (depending on lot size, payment conditions and region); domestic CPT port yellow peas purchase prices fluctuated within UAH5,7006,100/t (inc. VAT), unchanged against previous week.
Among this week Ukrainian yellow peas prices ranged within USD175190/t (CPT Black Sea port).


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