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Ukrainian grain market

Within reporting week Ukrainian domestic grains market didnt undergo any significant change. As within last week, within this week trading companies also
abstained from making big purchases due to sea ports being much loaded and global market low demand.

Food wheat and sunseeds enjoyed highest demand on Ukrainian domestic grains market within this week. Demand for other grains was just minimal. It is to be
admitted, lions share of Ukrainian maize reserves has been already sold under contracts (with new sales possible to be started only since new year Jan).

Within reporting week Ukrainian traders and Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food have signed supplement to Ukrainian 2012/13MY grains export memorandum.
Supplement says that Ukrainian Government guarantees not to limit grains export if it is not over 4mn MT (for wheat), 3mn MT (barley) and 12.4mn MT

It is to be admitted, within 2012/13MY share of flour-quality wheat in Ukrainian total grains export will become bigger due to new crop wheat high quality
and feed wheat/feed barley low gross crop.


Within reporting week domestic feed barley market prices remained unchanged against previous week. Ukrainian feed barley importers have got activated, what
has stimulated some traders to start looking for feed barley lots possible to be freely purchased; however, so far these barley lots are very difficult to
be found.

Within this week traders feed barley purchase prices ranged within UAH2,150–2,235per MT, CPT Black Sea ports and UAH1,950–2,050per MT, EXW-ex-elevator
(depending on regions/lots).

As of this week, Ukrainian feed barley export prices ranged within US$290–300per MT (FOB Black Sea deep water ports).


Within reporting week exporting companies kept their feed wheat purchase prices unchanged against previous week: UAH1,850–2,000per MT
(EXW-ex-elevator). Exporting companies still retained rather high demand for feed wheat (though number of exporting companies ready to make feed wheat
sales/purchases has slightly declined).

In meanwhile, Ukrainian feed wheat owners tried to withhold their reserves; owners tried to make sales only at maximum sale prices (which often appeared
unacceptable for purchasers).

On CPT Black Sea/Azov Sea ports basis, feed wheat purchase prices have slightly grown against previous week,- up to UAH2,050–2,120per MT

This week feed wheat export offer prices ranged within US$285–295per MT (FOB, Handysize/Panamax type vessels).

At same time, those traders which highly needed wheat, have grown their domestic market maximal purchase prices in some regions. Thus, upon whole, domestic
market 3and 2classes food wheat purchase prices were correspondingly UAH1,900–2,050per MT (EXW-ex-elevator) and UAH1,950–2,100per MT

At same time, most traders were ready to purchase 3class food wheat at UAH2,100–2,200per MT (2class food wheat- UAH2,150–2,250per MT) on CPT Black Sea/Azov Sea ports basis.

Simultaneously, within this week food wheat (11.5% protein content) export FOB basis prices have grown to US$300–310per MT, up as of last


Within this week EXW-ex-elevator basis feed maize purchase prices remained same as within previous week: UAH1,850–2,000per MT. It is to be admitted, some
traders and most processors retained earlier purchase prices,- UAH1,700–1,800per MT; however, no purchases were reported.

On CPT Black Sea/Azov Sea ports basis, feed maize purchase prices were UAH2,000–2,150per MT.

Within this week new crop feed maize guiding purchase prices have slightly declined against previous week,- down to US$300per MT, FOB (demand) and US$308 per MT, FOB (offer).


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