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E.U. ethanol production, consumption grows in 2009

30.07.2010 11:53 "Agro Perspectiva" (Kyiv) After a strong growth in 2008 (almost 60%) European fuel ethanol production continued to increase considerably in 2009 by 31%, said the European Bioethanol Fuel Association (eBIO) on July 28. This gives a clear signal to all doubters that European ethanol is here to stay and to fulfill its increasingly important role in curbing greenhouse gas emissions and in contributing to energy security. Total E. U. production in 2009 was an estimated 3.7 billion liters up from 2.8 billion liters the previous year. This represents a significant increase of 31%. Several countries increased their ethanol fuel production considerably in 2009. The biggest producer however is still France with an annual output in 2009 of 1.25 billion liters. This represents an increase of 25% compared to 2008 (1 billion liters). Second largest producing country is Germany, which constantly increased its production by 32% to 750 million liters (568 million liters in 2008). Third biggest producer remained Spain with 465 million liters (an increase of 46% compared to 2008). In six out of 18 producing member states the production declined while the rest either increased their production (10) or kept it steady. In 2009, two countries more than doubled their fuel ethanol output, namely Austria (102%) and Sweden (124%), which are now ranking as forth and fifth largest producer respectively. The consumption also saw substantial growth, eBIO said. Total E. U. consumption of fuel ethanol in 2009 amounted to an estimated 4.3 billion liters (up from 3.5 billion liters in 2008). This constitutes a considerable increase of 23%. The biggest consuming country was Germany (1.143 billion liters) followed by France (798 million liters) and Sweden (377 million liters). Brazil is still the most important supplier of ethanol for fuel, but were down 200 million liters compared to 2008. However, 2009 showed a strong increase in ethanol imports from Nicaragua, Costa Rica and for the first time, the U. S. As E. U. trade statistics do not distinguish between ethanol imports by end-use it is not possible to tell how much precisely of all imported ethanol was used in the fuel stream.

Agro Perspectiva

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Jun fresh unfermented/fermented cheeses output down 9%, to 5,900 MT >

16:27 Ukrainian 2019 rye crop down to 344,000 tons
13:11 Milovanov names 2020 agricultural support programs for 2020
23:07 Zhytomyr and Zakarpattia regions connected to Forest within n Smartphone pilot project
20:18 Ukrainian potato crop 20.2 million tons
19:21 Milkiland Jan-Sept net loss reduced by 15.1%
16:06 Belarus sugar beets harvesting over
13:11 WHO: Congo Ebola infection rate drop is encouraging news
23:04 Ukrainian Jan-Oct raw milk output down to 8.4 million tons
22:18 American biggest milk producer files for bankruptcy
19:17 FAO: New tool to help local crop varieties flourish
16:09 Green Climate Fund approves programmes to fight climate change within Chile, Kyrgyzstan and Nepal
13:11 Rada making a move to abolish alcohol output State monopoly
23:19 UN leads bid for cheaper insulin, expanding access for diabetics worldwide
22:26 Chinese domestic beet sugar output to grow by almost 6%
18:53 Ukrainian Nov 13 grains export 21.351 million tons
16:07 Ukrainian sugar beets harvesting campaign about ending
13:11 Thyssenkrupp elevator business gets at least 3 bidders
23:17 Ukrainian Jan-Oct poultry meat export 333,800 tons (import 108,660 tons)
21:14 WHO welcomes Ebola vaccine approval   
20:58 Ukrainian Jan-Oct plant protection products import 81,700 tons
17:36 Ukrainian Nov 11 grains export 20.9 million tons
13:14 UN shows explosive obesity rates, hunger within Latin America and the Caribbean
23:44 Ukrainian sugar beets crop 8.9 million tons
21:17 Cuba to boost 15% sugar output within new MY
20:03 Ukrainian Jan-Oct coffee import 36,100 tons
16:14 Harvesting campaign 2019: agrarians got 3.64 million tons soybeans
13:11 FAO: Innovation needed to end foods loss, global hunger
23:04 Ukrainian Oct potato import hits record high 92,600 tons
21:17 Ukraine/EU agricultural products trade reached record high US$7.5 milliard
18:36 RF oilseeds crop record high
16:52 Harvesting campaign 2019: agrarians got 29.86 million tons maize
13:11 FAO, Nigeria to support responsible agriculture
23:16 Brazil to remain ethanol net importer
22:09 JTI Ukraine renews cigarettes output as of Nov 11
20:13 As of this year Oct, global foods prices up firsly within 5 months
18:41 RF sugar export 318,000 tons
16:07 Ukrainian buckwheat, millet Jan-Sept export 29,750 tons
13:11 FAO: Global cooperation, climate friendly technology key to tackling global foods loss, waste
23:13 Ukrainian Nov 6 grains export 20 million tons
20:04 Ukrainian sugar beets crop 8.45 million tons
18:36 Milovanov to meet with tobacco companies representatives
16:29 FAO: Empowering farmers through innovation is key for sustainable development
13:11 WHO: Sudan cholera campaign moves to protect Khartoum state
23:18 Harvesting campaign 2019: agrarians got 3.6 million tons soybeans
21:29 Hydrometeorological Center: Ukrainian grains crop to be record high
18:12 Harvesting campaign 2019: agrarians got 14 million tons sunseeds
15:19 Zelenskyy to stimulate Ukrainian bioethanol output
13:11 FAO, Cabo Verde strengthen partnership
23:19 Ukrainian sugar output 909,600 tons
21:36 200,000 Soamlian children face risk of malnutrition, disease due to flooding

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