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ROSTOK-HOLDING under Raider Attacks

09.10.2018 14:25 "Agro Perspectiva" (Kyiv) The group of companies ROSTOK-HOLDING has become a target of raider attacks.

During September 2018, a number of sponsored articles were published seeking to tarnish the reputation of the ROSTOK-HOLDING Group and shareholders of the company.

On October 8, 2018, operations were blocked at all the enterprises of the ROSTOK-HOLDING Group.

"On October 8, at about 10.00am, the law enforcement authorities of Kharkiv region literally broke into all the enterprises of the ROSTOK-HOLDING Group. We are talking about 16legal entities, providing some 2000jobs in the regions where they are located. Based on the decision of the Kharkiv District Court in Pokotylivka village, the enforcement officers are obstructing the ongoing harvesting campaign and shipment of commodities, which has completely paralyzed the companys operations. All of the Groups elevators are blocked. Grain is not being shipped to or from the Groups elevators. We estimate that potential losses could reach $50million due to untimely harvesting", comments Valerii Laskov, the Chief Executive Officer of the ROSTOK-HOLDING Group.

At present, the management and lawyers of the company are aware of the court ruling issued in Pokotilivka village (Kharkiv district, Kharkiv region).

Under the ruling, injunctive relief has been granted resulting in the seizure of assets and a ban on further harvesting and sale of crops.

Lawyers of the group believe that the case has been fabricated and investigated in breach of procedural rules: none of the groups enterprises were informed of the opening of criminal proceedings or the commission of investigative actions.

Firstly, neither the shareholders nor the enterprises of the group have ever conducted business operations in Kharkiv region, which challenges the jurisdiction of the regional court that has handed down the ruling.

Secondly, the facts that are the subject of the investigation are in no way related to the enterprises of the ROSTOK-HOLDING group of companies.

Thirdly, injunctive relief was granted on the same day, without summoning of representatives of the enterprises and thereby depriving the Group of its right to defend itself in court in violation of the principles of reasonableness, expediency and timeliness of preventive measures.

"The group considers such actions to be a flagrant raider attack and appeals to the President of Ukraine, Peoples Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, the leadership of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to respond urgently and appropriately to the court decision that has paralyzed the operation of city-forming enterprises while undermining the business climate and international image of Ukraine ", adds Valerii Laskov, the Groups CEO.

ROSTOK-HOLDING is a vertically integrated agro industrial group specializing in the cultivation and sale of crops, production and sale of milk. The total area of high quality black-earth soil under groups control amounts to ca. 60thou hectares. The group incorporates 5cattle breeding farms, 3elevator complexes and a number of trade companies.

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