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Ukrainian top officials congratulate compatriots on Easter

07.05.2013 08:02 "Agro Perspectiva" (Kyiv) The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych congratulated the citizens of Ukraine on Easter, ForUm learned from the press service of the Head of State. «Christ is Risen, my dear compatriots! Every year, when I tell you these words, my heart is filled with great gratitude. Gratitude to the Lord for having helped us this year to wait till a Light of Day of Resurrection. Gratitude to all Ukrainian citizens who, through their honest work, decent life and wisdom, contributed our celebration of this holiday in peace and harmony,» the congratulatory message reads. «My heart is filled with special thanks to Ukrainian mothers, who in this difficult time, bear particular responsibility. They take care of children, cementing the family and strengthening all of us by their prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary- the mother of the Son of God, who was resurrected for our salvation. I wish all the citizens of Ukraine and Ukrainians, living in other states, joyful Easter holidays, faith, hope and love. Christ is Risen! Indeed is Risen!» the statement says. Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov also congratulated his fellow citizens on the occasion of Easter, the Cabinets press office informs. «Dear compatriots! I heartily congratulate you on the bright Resurrection of Christ, the most spiritual holiday, which is a symbol of renewal and invincible faith. Our whole history shows that success is usually based on a strong spiritual foundation,» he said. «Today, when the Ukrainian society is living in expectation of tangible shift from large-scale social and economic reforms initiated by the countrys President Viktor Yanukovych of Ukraine, I am convinced that the Easter reminds all: only peace, love, unity and harmony can overcome difficulties, make society spiritually healthier to achieve renewal and progress. Therefore, I sincerely wish that the joy of Easter enters every home, every family, and fills the heart and soul of Ukrainians with faith and hope. Love, health and peace to all. Christ is Risen!» the message reads. Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Rybak congratulated the citizens of Ukraine on Easter, the Parliaments press service reports. «Dear compatriots! I heartily congratulate you on Easter, the holiday, which brings spiritual joy and hope, strengthens faith and fills the hearts of millions with mercy and good feelings. Easter for every Orthodox Christian symbolizes the triumph of truth and justice, when the renewed powers of life, love and goodness prevail over the whole world,» the speaker said.

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14:45 The FAO Food Price Index rebounded slightly in April
09:15 Yara . 1Q results impacted by falling prices, but tighter nitrogen market into 2Q
22:10 Ukraine sees no reason to ban Ukrainian grain imports by EU countries - Solsky
21:45 $5 million from FAO-China South-South Cooperation Programme will assist in building more resilient agrifood systems
21:05 China Becomes Worlds Largest Wheat Importer in 2022/23
09:52 EBRD and Spain join forces to support Ukraines food security and municipal sector
13:10 Astarta starts 2023 planting season
00:27 War in Ukraine continues to impact EU farmers
22:17 Ukraine sends 150,000 tonnes of wheat to Asia
12:00 Global onion prices are at record-high levels due to a global shortage of onions
06:17 It will enrich Egypt if a kilo of onions costs HUF 1,000
11:03 Plummeting Argentina Soybean Production Impacts Global Soybean and Products Trade
10:15 Argentina Drought Cuts Corn Exports with Lowest Global Trade in Three Years
15:25 Early production outlook for 2023 wheat crops
14:05 FAO Food Price Index declines for the 11th consecutive month
15:55 Malaysias vegetable prices set to soar again due to wet weather
12:23 FAO outlines three pillars of action for initiatives in Ukraine in 2023
11:25 The Latin America and the Caribbean has the highest cost of a healthy diet compared to other regions
11:15 Pistachios. Global production for 2022/23 is forecast to 791,000 MT
10:46 Kharkiv Dairy Plant continues to produce dairy products thanks to generator received from Government of Germany
15:57 Ukraine seeks to extend "Grain deal" for 12 months year to involve more ports - deputy minister
15:53 Vegetable prices were constantly rising over past two weeks
15:33 ICMSA say suspicions growing around fertiliser sellers reluctance to quote prices for orders
14:35 Finland supports Ukraines grain exports
08:13 U.S. Soybean Oil Exports Forecast at Record Low
10:11 Brazil and the United States Vie for Worlds Top Corn Exporter
00:30 Asia-Pacific. In 2021, 396 million people in the region were undernourished - a new report by four UN agencies
10:05 Global chicken meat production for 2023 is virtually unchanged from the October forecast at 102.9 MMT
17:49 South Africa exports of tangerines/mandarins are forecast to grow by almost 8 percent in 2022/23
08:36 Israels planted citrus area in MY 2022/23 is forecast to be 16,200 ha
08:03 Record South American Soybean Supplies Forecast Despite Falling Argentina Crop
07:35 China Total Meat Imports Forecast Higher in 2023
06:26 U.S. Sorghum Exports Fall Precipitously
19:25 World food prices dip in December. FAO Food Price Index ends 2022 lower than a year earlier
16:50 A $15.5 million EU-funded project aims to respond to disruptions to the agricultural sector caused by war
15:15 Somalia: FAO calls for fully funded, at-scale and sustained life-saving and livelihoods support to pull people from the brink of famine
23:32 Burma importing soybean meal to grow aquaculture industry
09:37 Argentina wheat exports fall while Australia soars
20:32 Record India Soybean Meal Premiums Disrupt Trade Flows
17:09 Global cereal production and trade forecast to fall to three-year lows
17:06 45 countries need external assistance for food
16:37 Global food prices overall hold steady in November
04:16 Cargill announces acquisition of Owensboro Grain Company
03:14 FAO and Pacific nations weigh local innovations as solutions to growing climate and nutrition challenges
02:37 Global Environment Facility tasks FAO and IFAD to lead new $230 million agrifood systems transformation program
02:15 Cargill Appoints Brian Sikes as President and Chief Executive Officer, and Dave MacLennan as Executive Chair of the Board
05:44 Australia sugar production for 2022/23 is estimated to rise slightly to 4.4 MMT
07:54 U.S. provides up to $20 mln for Grain from Ukraine initiative
07:25 Grain from Ukraine program foresees provision of at least 5 mln people with grain until end of spring 2023
10:02 World sugar production - 179.6 million tonnes - FAOs preliminary forecast

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