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Skim milk powder

Over the last two years, Ukraine has been moving fast from average producer and exporter of towards top world producer and one of the largest exporters of skim milk powder. Upon performance in 2001, Ukraine took the ninth rating in terms of production and fifth place by exports. Now world leading exporters of SMP have to consider Ukraine. However, with current situation on the global market, it will be hard for Ukraine to maintain once conquered positions. Low prices and lack of support from the State may fuel opposite process. As a result, in the short-run Ukrainian producers are likely to cut production hard and reduce export. To prevent it, Ukrainian operators of dairy market will be forced to behave in the new manner. Foremost, they will have to be well-oriented in the global and Ukrainian markets for milk powder. From these positions did we prepare marketing research of the market for skim milk powder.

1. Raw stock base
2. Balance of skim milk powder
3. Production of skim milk powder
4. Consumption of skim milk powder
5. Import of skim milk powder
6. Export of skim milk powder
7. Price trends
1. Raw stock base
2. Production of skim milk powder
3. Export of skim milk powder
4. Price trends
5. Ways for Ukraine to preserve possible capacities in skim milk powder export

Number of pages – 33.

Project director – Oleg Tymkiv, head of research and information department on agro-industrial complex and chemical products

500 USD

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