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In these times of profound change, reconciling economic and environmental performance is a real challenge for all farmers. That’s why SIMA exists — to help them find the solutions to their own particular needs. And this year, it has a new angle. As its 100th birthday draws near, SIMA has a new identity and new dates for its new aim. It has also made changes to its classification system and expanded its content to more effectively highlight excellence, expertise and innovation.


SIMA’s new aims are popular among exhibitors from Axema and other major companies attending the show. Indeed, these changes are exactly what exhibitors and international visitors said that they wanted to see, and they establish the show more coherently within the framework of the business decision-making cycle.
Even though the show is more than a year away, many leading companies have already confirmed their intention to attend, including Amazone SA, Berthoud, Claas France, Dangreville, Holmer Exxact, Horsch France, JCB Agri, Jeantil, John Deere, Krone France SAS, Kubota Europe SAS, Kuhn, Lemken France SARL, MX, Rolland, Ropa France, Samson Agro Sasu, SAS Capagri, Sulky Burel and Weidemann GMBH.


To reflect the shows new angle, it has adopted a classification system, providing visitors with a more complete offering and presenting all the solutions so as to more effectively meet the needs of farmers today. The solutions of the future will form part of a transversal vision of the market. It is for this reason that SIMA is evolving from a show all about farming machinery into a show for technologies used in farming and live-stock rearing.
In fact, the keyword for the show this year is «expertise»: there is even more content and even more emphasis on innovations from across the whole agricultural sector and from all over the world.

This content will be dispersed across the show’s various strategic areas:
Employment and training, with a job-dating area where recruiters and future employees will be able to meet and discuss recruitment options (internships, apprenticeship contracts or actual hiring) an «Experience» area featuring simulators, escape games and numerous conferences designed to encourage the sharing of experiences… and a training area open to stakeholders from all over the sector (schools, universities, the ministry, etc.) with presentations of all of the professions making up the sector and portraits of various jobs (construction, distribution, agriculture, etc.);
Innovation, including Innovation village — an area that both anticipates and deals with farmers’ and manufacturers’ current needs, the Start-up Village (with the Ferme Digitale), a springboard for nurturing around fifty young companies and the robotic village (with the FIRA), an area for demonstrating the very latest agricultural robots and a pitching area in which everyone can showcase their expertise;
International conferences dealing with the themes underpinning the various challenges that SIMA seeks to take up (augmented agriculture, robotics, agronomics, organic farming, agricultural equipment and agro-ecology, co-farming, managing climate variations, Dealers’ day, SIMA African Summit, livestock-rearing, etc.).
An exclusive partnership with the FIRA, which will be unveiled over the course of two days of discussion and conferences in the presence of some of the major international players from the world of robotics.


Since 1922, SIMA has been bringing together all the stakeholders from the agricultural sector, encouraging discussion and predicting and supporting changes in the sector. Today, underpinned by values to do with sharing, trust and responsibility, it aspires — more than ever before — to bring people together and innovate, on a human level. While seeking to maintain strong links with its loyal public, the show is taking a new direction so as to more effectively meet the sector’s needs, unveil technical solutions and tackle the societal and economic challenges facing agriculture, such as rural areas.
As a show for all types of farming, valuing diversity and placing people at the heart of everything, it advocates a balance between productivity and sustainability, honouring a principle based on quality across the board: quality-of-life for farmers, the high quality of farms and high environmental quality for agriculture. This way, SIMA unambiguously states its aims and its mission: «Unearth the solutions and technologies dedicated to fostering the emergence of a sustainable and high-performance agriculture at the heart of Europe’s leading agricultural power»


SIMA seeks to embrace new challenges:
- Showcase technical developments in agricultural equipment;
- Promote training and employment, and attract energetic stakeholders;
- Support the development of agronomic practices;
- Support the sustainable development of regions;
- Safeguard animal and plant diversity;
- Guarantee food safety for everyone;
- Provide solutions for all types of farming.
SIMA is pitching itself as the event for all stakeholders in farming — a fully-fledged forum in which everybody is entitled to say what they think and put forward their arguments. A place where light is shed on all of the social, demographic, economic and environmental challenges facing us.

Watch the video for SIMA 2020 by clicking here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMmuZGvm3Xs&feature=youtu.be

All HD visuals and logos can be downloaded from here: http://presse.simaonline.com

About Comexposium
Comexposium is one of the worlds leading professional and general public event organisers. It hosts more than 132 B2B and B2C events the world over across many different sectors, including agro-food, agriculture, retail, distribution, e-commerce, fashion, security, digital, construction, high-tech, optics, education, healthcare and transport. Operating in over 30 countries, Comexposium welcomes more than 3.5 million visitors and 48,000 exhibitors annually. Headquartered in France, Comexposium has nearly 880 employees operating in 17 countries: Germany, Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Spain, United States, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Singapore and Sweden. Comexposium aims to be seen as the place to be, building bridges between people and business.

AXEMA is the French association of industrial stakeholders from the agricultural equipment and Agro-environment sector. It is made up of French manufacturers and importers of farming equipment from different sectors of agricultural, plant and animal production, as well as producers and importers of equipment for maintaining green spaces. AXEMA numbers 230 companies made up of manufacturers (69%) and importers (31%).


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