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09:15 The Cabinet of the Ministers is going to receive the credit for mortgage purchases of grain in Deutsche Bank
09:13 It is offered to Ukrainian Parliament to cancel the import duty of 1.2 EUR/kgs for seed of peas
09:39 The Ministry of Agrarian Policy is going to prevent a rise in prices of bread by interventions of grain from state reserve
09:39 Ukraine is interested in cooperation with France in sphere of agro-industrial complex
09:35 Joint Ukrainian-Russian concept of the development of agro-industrial complex
11:36 The privileges for agricultural producers are prolonged till 2010
11:27 300 ths Ha of winter rapeseed were completely lost
11:24 The condition of winter crops has worsened
09:07 The Cabinet of the Ministers of Ukraine is going to purchase 2 mln. M of grain in August - September 2003 for prevention of a collapse of the prices
09:06 Ukraine. Production of macaroni items grows
15:18 Egypt imported more than 500 ths.MT of the Ukrainian grain
14:01 Grain prices continue to increase in Ukraine
13:58 Balance of foreign trade by goods and services amount to USD 4 billions
14:23 The Cabinet of the Ministers of Ukraine is going to purchase 2 mln. M of grain in August - September 2003 for prevention of a collapse of the prices
14:21 Ukraine. Production of macaroni items grows
14:19 Egypt imported more than 500 ths.MT of the Ukrainian grain
11:03 The officials are looking for new ways of the stabilization of cattle breeding in Ukraine
11:02 Production of milk products reduced in December 2002 January 2003
11:00 There is the shortage of milk in Ukraine
18:32 There is a decline of the prices of sunflowerseed in Ukraine
16:59 Antimonopoly comitee of Ukraine has fined Pest Control
16:58 It is necessary to organize the market of ground
16:57 Canada has not found out the dwarf bunt of wheat in the ukrainian grain.
16:57 President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma has entrusted Victor Yanukovich and Ivan Kirilenko to strengthen state control for disinfection of agricultural production for export
16:56 Ukraine. Grain crop has decreased by 2.3% down to 38.8 Mln.MT in 2002
16:16 Company Galakton plans to purchase two milk plants
16:16 Regulation of the markets of milk and meat
16:15 The sugar production amounted to 1.39 Mln.MT
14:16 Profitability of grain production is 23%
14:16 Stabilization of grain market
14:15 EU can make tougher quality surveillance of the ukrainian grain
11:41 Prime cost of meat production in 2002
11:40 Simplification of export of the agricultural products
11:40 Grain export
11:39 It is offered to establish the single land-tax
14:46 Russia. This year Russia will sell 10 Mln.MT of grain abroad
14:43 Russia. State purchases will be prolonged per one month at the grain market
16:13 The prohibition of the payment fixed agricultural tax by agricultural products
13:47 Japan is interested concerning the purchase of the ukrainian grain
13:45 The association "UKRSUGAR" predicts the rise of wholesale sugar prices
13:45 Russia increases the import duties of meat
14:43 Agricultural producers have finished harvesting of sugar beet
14:42 The purchase of sugar by the state will be at the level of 10 Ths.MT
14:42 The Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine has decided to conduct the certification of sugar plants
13:32 Ukraine does not hinder with transit of the Kazakhstan grain
13:31 The processing of soyabeans is increased
13:30 The italian agrarian businessmen offer cooperation
14:38 Production of vegetable oils increased by 47%
14:38 Ukraine. The corn export considerably has grown
14:37 The export shipments of peas gradually are reduced
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