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Somalia humanitarian crisis eases

25.08.2010 09:21 "Agro Perspectiva" (Kyiv) The number of people needing humanitarian assistance in Somalia has dropped by 25 percent to 2 million in the last six months, easing one of the worlds worst humanitarian crises, according to a UN study published today. But the report, by the Nairobi-based Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU) of the UNs Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), warned that though Somalia received above average rains, boosting food production and livestock farming, these gains could easily be reversed. «The current situation indicates an improvement but with 27 percent of the population still in crisis the needs remain very significant. And if the next rain season is poor, then the numbers in crisis will rise again» said Grainne Moloney, FSNAUs Chief Technical Advisor. The recent long rainy season — from April to the end of June — was good. The season, also known as Gu, received above normal rainfall in most of the country, boosting production of maize and sorghum and improving conditions in the livestock sector, the major economic activity of the country. These findings come after a prolonged drought reduced crop production, killed livestock and pushed 42 percent of Somalias 7.5 million people into crisis in 2009, The situation was exacerbated by high food prices and high levels of civil insecurity. «We are seeing some positive indicators in the agricultural sector, yet for the pastoralists in central, Hiran regions and parts of the north, they will need many more good seasons of rain to fully recover their herd sizes,» said Luca Alinovi, responsible for the FAO office in Somalia. It is estimated that 40 000 pastoralists have recently become destitute following the drought. The FSNAU — set up by FAO to provide aid agencies with reliable nutrition and food security data from Somalia — also reported that although Somalias nutrition situation has slightly improved in the north of the country, 90 percent of the estimated 35 000 severely malnourished children iThe study also highlighted the needs of the Internally Displaced Populations (IDPs), who have been forced from their homes due to conflict in recent years. The UN estimates that there are 1.41 million IDPs in Somalia. FSNAU reported that the epicentre of the humanitarian crisis continues to be in central and Hiran regions, largely due to the long-term effects of the drought, high food prices and insecurity. In these regions efforts to meet the immediate needs of the populations are essential to prevent further deterioration. FAO is currently helping Somalia with 16 projects worth more than $53 million. The main donor is the European Union, contributing more than $30 million, followed by the World Bank ($7.9 million), Spain ($3.7 million) and others. Projects are aimed at enhancing small farmers crops production, improving their market access and boosting their incomes while also rehabilitating essential irrigation infrastructure and improving agricultural practices through integrated pest management and storage techniques. Somalia has been in crisis off an on since 1991 but the situation worsened in March 2007 when fighting resumed.n the country remain in the conflict-stricken South Central zone.

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12:10 BASF invests in next-generation farming for livestock producers with Cloudfarms digital platform solution
17:30 Rada with 286 votes backs resignation of NBU governor Smolii
16:45 Rada with 226 votes dismisses head of Antimonopoly Committee Yuriy Terentyev
11:30 Burger King, Cargill and World Wildlife Fund work to mitigate effects of climate change with new grassland restoration project
14:10 Record global cereal production to boost stocks
13:45 Global food commodity prices rebound in June
13:30 EBRD providing 7 million to Grain Alliance group
23:40 More Alcohol at Wholesale Prices for British Columbia Restaurants and Bars
22:45 Burger King, Cargill and World Wildlife Fund work to mitigate effects of climate change with new grassland restoration project
11:30 European Investment Bank provides a 200 million loan to KWS SAAT
14:00 World Bank approves $350 mln loan to support reforms for economic recovery in Ukraine
13:45 Japan Recognizes US HACCP System for Meat and Poultry
21:00 Thailand. Rice export prices remain high
20:00 Food Portion of the New Saudi Higher Import Tariffs Concentrates on Dairy Products
16:45 World coffee production for 2020/21 is forecast 9.1 million bags (60 kg) higher than the previous year to a record 176.1 million
16:00 Cargill launches first chocolate manufacturing operation in Asia, with growth plans across region
12:50 Bayer announces agreements to resolve major legacy Monsanto litigation
21:05 Decline of industrial production in Ukraine slows to 12.2% in May statistics
10:51 Ukraines parliament passes EBRD-supported derivatives law
15:59 EBRD and EU update tourism roadmap for Ukraine
11:12 Statistics Service improves assessment of Ukraine's GDP fall in Q1 2020 from 1.5% to 1.3%
09:15 IFC will issue $35 mln loan to Galnaftogaz
10:50 Cargill strengthens gourmet chocolate offerings with 3.5 million-euro investment
12:35 Ukraine's Economy ministry predicts grain harvest of over 68 mln tonnes in 2020
12:15 EU wheat production in 2020/2021 is projected down by 13.8 million tons
13:30 Rice Prices Remain High on Constrained Supplies and Robust Demand
13:00 Canada. Chicken Meat Production Falls on Reduced Demand
12:01 BASF Quarterly Statement Q1 2020. Sales of 16.8 billion
21:00 Capital investment in Ukraine decreases by 35.5% in Q1 2020 statistics
20:45 Inflation in Ukraine slows to 0.1% in May, to 1.7% y-o-y
16:30 Wheat and barley malt syrup added to Cargills label-friendly sweetener options for European food manufacturers
17:20 McDonald's to open five restaurants in Ukraine in 2020, to accelerate network development in 2021
16:30 Ukraine's intl reserves 1.3% down in May, to $25.372 bln
12:50 FAO Food Price Index falls to 17-month low
12:20 FAO Director-General appeals to donors to scale up response and ease plight of farmers and fishers in Yemen
11:25 Väderstad continues to invest in the manufacture of genuine parts
12:15 Ukraine ready to discuss expansion of range of food export to Japan Economy minister
11:11 MHP SE. Unaudited Financial Results for the First Quarter ended 31 March 2020
15:00 Brazil. Sugar production is estimated at 39,5 MT in 2020/2021
20:20 Govt backs separation of ecology ministry from Energy and Environmental Protection Ministry
10:22 EBRD provides EUR3 million loan to Ukrainian cereal producer
18:25 Forecast for Ukraine's GDP fall by 4.8% in 2020 maintained Economy minister
18:14 New Zealand. Apple production expected to reach a record level of 593,000 metric tons
17:40 Ukrzaliznytsia sees UAH 7 bln of loss in Q1 2020
17:38 EBRD provides 60 million USD for Fozzy Group expansion
09:50 Ukraine's GDP 1.5% down in Q1, 2020 statistics
15:50 Global rice area is forecast to rise in 2020/2021
10:53 Record Corn, Wheat, and Rice Crops Build Stocks in 2020/21 - USDA
09:10 Ukraine GDP will contract by 4.5 per cent in 2020
10:30 Kazakhstan. Wheat production is expected to recover in MY 2020/21 to 13.5 MMT

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