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Common Agriculture Policy after 2013: free market will not save European agriculture

22.03.2010 12:55 "Agro Perspectiva" (Kyiv) The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), as the first EU institution, rose to the challenge of providing a comprehensive vision for the future of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP), in advance of the European Commission’s papers on the matter, due to be issued later this year and in 2011. The EESC’s opinion on this divisive and highly controversial issue was adopted with near-unanimity, a move that EESC Vice-President Seppo Kallio called «historical». The current funding for the CAP expires in 2013 and discussions on its future go hand in hand with a review of the EU budget for the post-2013 era. The EESC adamantly states that all debate on the post-2013 CAP needs to begin with a precise definition of its ultimate goal, which, once subscribed to, should be followed by an agreement on a set of policy instruments and a financial settlement. «It is wrong to assign money to a specific policy and only then to divide it up between different measures and among Member States», said rapporteur Lutz Ribbe (Various Interests Group, Germany). «Agriculture policy is about more than allocating money». The European agricultural model, that is sustainable farming, designed to provide varied and safe bio-food whilst at the same time preserving landscape and rural areas is under threat, since it is increasingly subject to market conditions, says the Committee. Food prices do not include the cost of tasks that farmers are required to fulfil, such as environmental protection and landscape conservation. As a result, multifunctional agriculture that Europe prides itself on might, unless conditions alter, push many farmers into poverty and out of farming. «There is an ever-growing gulf between the lip-service paid to the European agricultural model on the one hand and the reality of day-to-day farm life on the other», stated Lutz Ribbe. The Committee insists on the need to put an end to the race for higher productivity at all costs, which is also what society at large wants as it does not embrace the use of GMOs, hormones and growth stimulants that such a race inevitably entails. A sixth of all jobs in Europe is related directly or indirectly to agriculture, and if agricultural production disappears, then the related jobs in the upstream and downstream sectors will disappear too. It therefore calls on Europe’s policymakers to ensure that a farming sector is sustainable and provides sufficient income for farmers as well as pointing to specific measures to achieve this. The Committee notes that, despite the market stabilisation being enshrined in the EU treaty as one of the CAP’s aims, the dramatic decrease in a number of stabilisation tools has led to speculation and volatility. In turn, consumers have not profited from it as it has not translated into lower consumer prices. Support measures need to be maintained and beefed up in the light of ongoing developments on the agricultural markets. In the same vein, increasing concentration in retail, which has given the sector an unmatched bargaining power, turned farmers from «price-makers»

Agro Perspectiva

< In Jan fruit/vegetable juices output lowered by 24.6%, down to 40,800 MT All news for
Jan aerated mineral waters output down 36%, to 4.7 mn dl >

10:28 Decline of China Pork Imports Continues in 2024
08:20 Lower Prices Propel Mexico 2023/24 Soybean Meal Imports
10:15 China Imports of Major Feed Grains at Record for Oct-May period
01:08 Climate risks projected to affect fish biomass around the world's ocean, FAO report says
10:15 Global cereal production 2024 forecast scaled up and now set to exceed the 2023 level
10:01 FAO Food Price Index stable in June
12:31 World pear production for MY 2023/24 is projected up more than 275,000 tons to 25.2 million
12:23 U.S. wheat exports are forecast to rebound by more than a million tons in the 2024/25 marketing year
08:58 World apple production for MY 2023/24 is forecast to rise more than 700,000 tons to 83.7 million
08:39 World coffee production for 2024/25 is forecast to rebound 7.1 million bags
17:57 Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European banks report strengthening loan demand and improving profitability
17:05 Global Environment Facility approves $70 million to support FAO projects in 28 countries
04:15 Emergency brake triggered for oat imports from Ukraine
09:00 Colombia Production: Two Periods of Sharp Decline
15:35 World pear production for MY 2023/24 is projected up more than 275,000 tons to 25.2 million
10:35 India Apple Imports Forecast at a Record High
09:21 FAO Food Price Index slightly up in May: higher cereal and dairy prices offset easing sugar and vegetable oil quotations
14:04 Commission clarifies support for farmers in case of exceptional weather events
13:33 Digitalization: it is time to bridge the gap between urban and rural areas
18:25 Two years of Solidarity Lanes have brought the EU, Ukraine and Moldova closer together
08:10 Seven additional private sector leaders announce support for Antimicrobial Use Stewardship Principles in poultry, now includes over 40% of global poultry meat production
23:32 EU extends trade support to Ukraine for one more year
04:36 European Union corn is forecast at 18.0 million tons
18:55 2024/25 Grain Consumption Expands while Trade Moderates
18:47 Oilseeds Stocks Forecast to Reach Record Highs in 2024/25
09:17 The International Year of the Woman Farmer in 2026 Approved by the UN General Assembly, it will increase awareness of the crucial role women farmers play in agrifood systems
08:10 2024 wheat forecast trimmed
21:25 Rising international quotations for meat, cereals and vegetable oils offset drops for dairy and sugar
07:10 El Niño and La Niña: four crucial steps to build climate resilience
08:25 Acute hunger remains persistently high in 59 countries with 1 in 5 people assessed in need of critical urgent action
10:43 New CEO at BASF: Martin Brudermüller hands over to Markus Kamieth
09:45 Parliament approves a revision of the EUs common agricultural policy
16:23 MEPs approve trade support measures for Ukraine with protection for EU farmers
18:08 Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food predicts this years harvest of grains and oilseeds at about 74 million tonnes
12:12 West Africa Cocoa Shortage Pushes Up Prices
23:48 U.S. Soybean Meal Exports Forecast at Consecutive Records in 2022/23 and 2023/24
23:10 EU Wheat Exports Challenged by Russias Growing Dominance
11:30 Country of origin of honey must be clearly visible on the label. EU honey traceability system to be developed
15:59 Commission starts setting up the Agriculture and Food Chain Observatory
15:33 Commission approves 2.2 billion German State aid scheme to support the decarbonisation of industrial processes to foster the transition to a net-zero economy
13:17 Donau Soja urges EU for clarity on EUDR implementation
10:44 Ukraine remained the third source of EU imports in 2023, with a value of EUR 11.8 billion
10:04 World cereal output seen up in 2023/24
09:55 FAO Food Price Index rises in March
10:04 Shellfish Crop Insurance Program Offers Oyster Producers Needed Protection from Environmental Challenges and More
23:01 Croatian horseradish root Ludbreški hren' added to register of Protected Designations of Origin
10:15 FAO and chef Fatmata Binta announce new project to empower women fonio producers in Ghana
12:55 Council compromise on Ukraine ATMs Only a half step forward in the right direction
09:18 Commission approves amendment to Italian State aid scheme to support companies in Friuli Venezia Giulia in the context of Russia's war against Ukraine
10:55 Projected famine in Gaza: FAO urges immediate access to deliver urgent and critical assistance at scale. About 1.1 million people are experiencing catastrophic food insecurity

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