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Global orange production for 2018/19 is forecast to surge 6.3 million metric tons

08.08.2019 14:55 "Agro Perspectiva" (Kyiv) According to the report of the USDA Citrus: World Markets and Trade (July 2019), global orange production for 2018/19 is forecast to surge 6.3 million metric tons (tons) to 54.3 million, the highest level in 8 years, as favorable weather leads to larger crops in the United States and Brazil.

Similarly, fruit for processing is expected to expand on higher production in the United States and Brazil. Consumption is projected higher while fresh exports are down slightly as the gain in production primarily favors processing oranges. Much of the gain in the United States was in Florida where about 95 percent of the oranges go for processing and Brazil where around 70 percent of the oranges go for processing.

U.S. production is estimated to rebound 36 percent to 4.8 million tons due to a return to more normal weather in Florida where production was recovering from 2017/18 crop losses caused by Hurricane Irma. Consumption and fruit for processing are both higher with the larger crop. Exports are lower with most of the rebound in production going to fruit for processing.

Brazils production is forecast up 26 percent to 20.2 million tons as favorable weather has resulted in an excellent bloom and fruit set. Fresh orange consumption and oranges for processing are both up with the jump in available fruit. With the rise in oranges for processing, orange juice production is forecast to jump to 1.4 million tons (65 degrees brix).

Chinas production is projected down slightly to 7.2 million tons due to unfavorable weather. Consumption is down on lower domestic supplies and imports. South Africa and Egypt are the top two suppliers, accounting for 60 percent of imports.

Egypts production is estimated at a record 3.4 million tons, up 10 percent from last year on

expanded area. Exports are up 4 percent to a record 1.6 million tons on greater exportable

supplies. Egypt is the worlds top exporter.

Production in the European Union is estimated up 4 percent to 6.5 million tons on favorable

weather. Oranges for fresh consumption and processing are both higher with the increase in

available supplies while imports are down 3 percent.

Mexicos production and fruit for processing are both projected to match the 2016/17 record of

4.6 and 2.1 million tons, respectively.

Moroccos production is forecast at a record 1.2 million tons on favorable weather.

Consumption is estimated at a record on greater supplies while exports are lower. The increase

in production brought marketing challenges. Due to a lack of sufficient and modern

packinghouses and cold-storage facilities, many farmers had to dump their product onto the


South Africas production is expected to rise 3 percent to 1.6 million tons. Consumption is flat

while fruit for processing is expected to expand. Exports are forecast at 1.2 million tons and are

expected to account for over 25 percent of global trade. The European Union, China, and Russia

are the countrys top export markets.

Production in Turkey is estimated flat at 1.9 million tons. Consumption is expected to be a

record high as exports are down due to Russias rejecting many Turkish shipments in late 2018

and at the beginning of 2019 due to Mediterranean fruit fly and black fir sawyer beetle.

Agro Perspectiva

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23:19 Ukrainian Sept 1 wheat reserves 15.33 million tons
21:07 RF sugar monthly output hits a new record
19:13 Lukashenko instructs to complete country winter grains sowing by Oct 1
16:08 Burger King scraps plastic toys within children meals
13:11 UNEP: Nature one of most effective ways to combat climate change
23:06 Italy, FAO advance awareness on Mediterranean diet benefits
18:31 RF sugar beets crop over 12 million tons
16:39 FAO report cites 41 countries needing external assistance for food
16:20 Glencore Agriculture Limited joins ADM, Bunge, Cargill, COFCO International and LDC in industry-wide initiative to modernize global agriculture commodity trade operations
14:49 Harvesting campaign 2019: agrarians got 558,000 tons sugar beets
13:11 FAO: 41 countries needing foods external assistance
23:08 Harvesting campaign 2019: agrarians got 49,000 tons buckwheat
21:16 RF grains crop over 100 million tons
19:27 EAEU countries able to import duty free from Vietnam 10,000 tons rice since 2020
14:09 Ukrainian Aug bulb onion import 1,318 tons
11:13 UN climate summit aims to speed up transition to cleaner, greener future
23:51 Ukraine among world TOP-10 sugar beets producers
21:17 Ukrainian rapeseeds (2020 crop) sown areas 923,000 ha
19:42 Ukrainian Jan-Aug beer export US$27 million
16:26 Harvesting campaign 2019: agrarians got 5.4 million tons sunseeds
13:02 UNICEF: 1 million facing food shortages, nutrition crisis within Mozambique
11:27 Large Global Barley Production Drives Prices Down
23:09 Ukrainian Jan-Aug poultry meat export 275,500 tons (import 82,200 tons)
21:28 Belarus to export sugar beet pulp to China
17:03 Harvesting campaign 2019: agrarians got 823,000 tons soybeans
14:46 Belarus to earn about US$50 million on potato export
11:13 Delhi Declaration: countries to achieve land degradation neutrality by 2030
23:17 Belarus apples crop to hit about 155,000 tons
20:48 China to exempt US pork, soybeans from additional tariffs
18:36 Harvesting campaign 2019: agrarians got 653,000 tons maize
15:43 FAO, WTO agree to strengthen agricultural trade promotion within Africa
13:11 WHO: One of 10 children miss out on essential vaccines
23:29 Gnidavskiy Sugar Plant starts new season with organic sugar output
22:14 Ukrainian Sept 11 grains export 10.348 million tons
18:03 Harvesting campaign 2019: agrarians got 651,000 tons soybeans
15:47 Ukrainian Jan-Jul margarine output up to 80,450 tons
11:13 Food insecurity plagues South Sudan
23:43 Trofimtseva: Ukraine to hit a new export record
21:17 Sowing campaign 2019: winter grains sowing started
18:04 India launches UK, EU talks to determine sugar preferential export quotas after Brexit
15:23 Ukrainian 2019 Jan-Aug mayonnaise output down to 64,633 tons
13:11 Impossible Foods says China its top priority meat substitute market
23:47 First time ever, China imports raw milk from RF
20:13 Ukrainian Jan-Aug margarine export 30,600 tons
18:24 Harvesting campaign 2019: agrarians got 106,000 tons millet
15:39 Ukrainian Jan-Aug potato import 26,200 tons
13:11 UN: We are burning up our future
23:36 Harvesting campaign 2019: agrarians got 139,000 tons maize
21:08 Ukrainian Jan-Aug pork import 16,300 tons
18:13 Harvesting campaign 2019: agrarians got 370,000 tons soybeans

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