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Harvesting 2018: three southern regions completed winter barley harvesting

13.07.2018 23:18 "Agro Perspectiva" (Kyiv) As of this year Jul 13, Mykolayiv, Odesa and Kherson regions agrarians have completed their winter barley harvesting, Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food reports. As to the report, as of this year Jul 13, these regions agrarians have already harvested in total 2.8 million tons winter barley at 793,000 ha (96% total planned areas to be harvested), with average yield being 34.8 metric centners per ha. Reportedly, as of this week, the Ukrainian agrarians continued grains/leguminous crops harvesting; as of this year Jul 13, agrarians have got 13 million tons grains at 4.3 million ha (44%), average yield — 30.6 metric centners per ha. Thus, in part., agrarians have got 9.3 million tons winter wheat at 2.9 million ha (46%), average yield — 31.8 metric centners per ha); spring wheat — 49,700 tons at 16,400 ha (9%), average yield — 30.3 metric centners per ha; spring barley — 503,000 tons at 265,000 ha (17%), average yield — 19.0 metric centners per ha; peas — 354,800 tons at 235,000 ha (55%), average yield — 15.1 metric centners per ha. Besides, as of this week, Ukrainian agrarians continued rye harvesting; thus, as of this year Jul 13, agrarians have got 8,500 tons rye at 4,000 ha (3%), average yield — 21.5 metric centners per ha. Besides, agrarians have also got 2,900 tons oats at 2,000 ha (1%), average yield — 14.8 metric centners per ha. As to the report, as of this week, agrarians also continued winter rape harvesting. As of this year Jul 13, agrarians have got 1.8 million tons winter rape at 721,000 ha (73%), average yield — 24.9 metric centners per ha (up against last year similar 22.1 metric centners per ha). It is to be admitted, Kherson region agrarians have already completed their winter rape harvesting. As to the report, as of this week, Ukrainian agrarians have also started spring rape harvesting; as of this year Jul 13, agrarians have already got 3,300 tons spring rape at 2,000 ha (4%), average yield — 16.7 metric centners per ha.

Agro Perspectiva

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17:10 Ukraine's Corn Exports Trend Up
16:25 Pakistan Rice Exports Rise to New Record
23:05 Nibulon to boost its 5 reloading terminals storage capacities
22:39 Uzbekistan can resume sugar output
21:14 Harvesting 2018: agrarians already threshed 24 million tons wheat
16:21 Poroshenko signed law to support domestic family farms
12:47 Ukrainian domestic foods prices down
23:18 Soybeans have become Ukrainian oilseeds export leader
22:51 Ukrzaliznytsia reports how much grains has it transported this year
21:36 Fire hazard extreme level remains within Ukraine
17:11 Ukrainian sugar export down 46%
14:58 Ukrainian 2018 first half soybeans export 1.4 million tons
23:17 Almaty region to produce 60,000 tons its own sugar by 2020
23:02 Harvesting 2018: agrarians already threshed almost 31 million tons early grains/leguminous crops
21:52 Zhytomyr region to host a fish festival
21:36 Ukrainian grains export exceeds 3.3 million tons
20:11 Austrian company to build wind farms within Kherson region
23:09 Kazakhstan to enlarge its sugar beet irrigated sown areas
22:44 Harvesting 2018: agrarians already threshed 28.6 million tons early grains/leguminous crops
20:36 Ukrainian crayfish catching seasonal ban is on
18:16 State Forest Agency re-established forests at 25,500 ha
16:11 Groisman: Gov supports agrarians as they develop Ukrainian economy
23:04 Ukrainian berries/nuts export up 61.5%
22:31 Gnidavskiy Sugar Plant elaborating a pulp drying project
22:17 Agrarian Ministry denies introduction of direct food wheat export limitation
21:14 Ukrainian 2017/2018 MY apple export record high
19:02 Ukrainian food exporters number up
10:55 Brazilian Farmers may Plant 3-4% more Soybeans in 2018/19
10:25 Hot and dry weather curbing wheat yields
23:13 Agrarian Ministry retains 23 million tons wheat crop forecast
22:53 Vietnam expects coffer record high crop
22:09 Belarus agrarians encouraged to collect every grain
21:16 Ukrainian startup Neoven creates portable device for heating up food
20:49 Harvesting 2018: early grains harvested at over 80% total areas
11:15 InatreqTM Active by Corteva AgriscienceTM Receives EU Approval
09:10 IFC Issues its First Tenge Bond, Supporting Agribusiness in Kazakhstan
08:30 As Chinas tariff on US soybeans continues to take its toll, growers look for help from Congress
23:44 Yaghidky receives Organic Standard certificate for blueberries output
22:18 Consumer Protection Service: 53% all perished bees have been killed by chemicals
19:13 Ukrainian confections producers entering Canadian market
18:34 Harvesting 2018: Lviv region completed winter barley/rape harvesting
11:02 Agrarian Ministry: organic leguminous crops growing is attractive for agrarians
09:20 BASF closes acquisition of businesses and assets from Bayer
09:10 American Soybean Association Joins Farmers for Free Trade
23:19 Ukrainian this year Jan-Jun sausage products output up
22:16 Kazakhstan stabilization fund sugar reserves exceed 1,000 tons
20:57 Harvesting 2018: winter rape harvesting almost over
19:11 Qatar to build sugar plant by 2020
17:02 Poroshenko signs organic products labeling Law
23:06 Ukrainian sugar beet output profitability down 50%

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