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Harvesting 2018: three southern regions completed winter barley harvesting

13.07.2018 23:18 "Agro Perspectiva" (Kyiv) As of this year Jul 13, Mykolayiv, Odesa and Kherson regions agrarians have completed their winter barley harvesting, Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food reports. As to the report, as of this year Jul 13, these regions agrarians have already harvested in total 2.8 million tons winter barley at 793,000 ha (96% total planned areas to be harvested), with average yield being 34.8 metric centners per ha. Reportedly, as of this week, the Ukrainian agrarians continued grains/leguminous crops harvesting; as of this year Jul 13, agrarians have got 13 million tons grains at 4.3 million ha (44%), average yield — 30.6 metric centners per ha. Thus, in part., agrarians have got 9.3 million tons winter wheat at 2.9 million ha (46%), average yield — 31.8 metric centners per ha); spring wheat — 49,700 tons at 16,400 ha (9%), average yield — 30.3 metric centners per ha; spring barley — 503,000 tons at 265,000 ha (17%), average yield — 19.0 metric centners per ha; peas — 354,800 tons at 235,000 ha (55%), average yield — 15.1 metric centners per ha. Besides, as of this week, Ukrainian agrarians continued rye harvesting; thus, as of this year Jul 13, agrarians have got 8,500 tons rye at 4,000 ha (3%), average yield — 21.5 metric centners per ha. Besides, agrarians have also got 2,900 tons oats at 2,000 ha (1%), average yield — 14.8 metric centners per ha. As to the report, as of this week, agrarians also continued winter rape harvesting. As of this year Jul 13, agrarians have got 1.8 million tons winter rape at 721,000 ha (73%), average yield — 24.9 metric centners per ha (up against last year similar 22.1 metric centners per ha). It is to be admitted, Kherson region agrarians have already completed their winter rape harvesting. As to the report, as of this week, Ukrainian agrarians have also started spring rape harvesting; as of this year Jul 13, agrarians have already got 3,300 tons spring rape at 2,000 ha (4%), average yield — 16.7 metric centners per ha.

Agro Perspectiva

< Azerbaijan sugar export down 2 times All news for
Cargill reports fiscal 2018 fourth-quarter and full-year results >

23:16 Ukrainian agrarians bringing new products to EU markets
21:43 Belarus sugar output down almost 14%
18:04 Ukraine within TOP-5 agricultural products shippers to EU
16:58 Ukrainian berries winning Chinese market
14:32 FAO Chief emphasizes need for inclusive digital innovation
12:30 Cargill to grow Pakistan business with US$200 million investment
23:21 Azerbaijan 2018 sugar/raw sugar export down 28%
22:19 Ukrainian pavilion opened at International Green Week 2019
18:42 New Ukrainian agricultural products exported to Canada within 2018
16:19 Ukrainian 2018 dairy products export UAH7 milliard
14:07 FAO Director-General calls for global food systems deep change
23:19 Brazil shipped 17 sugar vessels to CIS countries
22:04 Ukrainian agricultural products export to EU up almost 5.4%
12:51 Kyrgyzstan sugar beets gross crop up almost 9%
12:20 ASTARTAs operational results for 2018
09:48 Mars Inc. to build pet foods giant plant within Tianjin
23:08 Kazakhstan sugar output down one quarter
22:41 Ukraine to take part within International Green Week
18:39 Statistics Committee: groats, bread and horilka prices demonstrated mots active boost
14:17 UN: Liberia boosts efforts to guard against rising seas
12:14 EU set to impose tariffs on Cambodia, Myanmar rice imports
23:36 Ukrainian 2018 cucumber import record high
21:44 Agrarian Ministry holds this year first Logistics Staff meeting
16:32 Artemsil 2018 salt output totals 2.1 million tons
13:16 China sugar output up 3%
10:47 EU ready to accept deal to exempt duties on Argentine biodiesel
23:46 Ukrainian sugar output 1.7 million tons
22:31 World Bank launches farmland satellite monitoring pilot project
20:27 EU sugar export down 59%
18:12 Bayer expands its digital innovative tools line to assure better grain crops
16:51 Ukraine among top 5 agricultural products largest exporters to EU
11:10 EBRD supports expansion of agroholding Nyva Pereyaslavschiny
23:16 Groisman: Gov to allot almost UAH7 milliard to support agrarians
22:41 Ukrainian grains export over 25 million tons
21:19 Tatarstan sugar output 270,000 tons
20:34 Indian sugar export to be much down against Gov target
19:11 Ukraine becomes East European onion biggest importer
23:44 Semerak: National Natural Park Kamianska Sich will be created within Ukraine
23:07 Ukrlandfarming chosing regional staff development direction
22:36 World Bank: world economy prospects worsening
21:04 RF sugar export down 36%
19:11 Ukrainian local councils supporting land moratorium prolonging decision
12:45 Innovations for a climate-friendly chemical production
11:10 Global food prices held broadly stable in December
23:51 Belarus sugar plants ending processing season
22:36 Ukrainian 2019 walnut exporters number to grow up
22:17 Tatarstan sugar output down 20,000 tons
21:52 Fruit and Vegetable Association to cancel import duties on Ukrainian apples within Egypt
19:11 Congo: Ebola response resumes despite risky environment
23:41 Brazil weak rains can cause 2019/20 global sugar shortage

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