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Ukrainian, Swiss agrarian branch managers met within Kyiv

06.06.2018 16:18 "Agro Perspectiva" (Kyiv) As of this week, Olena Kovaliova, Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, the Ukrainian State Service for Foods Safety and Consumer Protection representatives and the Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food representatives, had a meeting with experts from the State Secretariat of Economic Affairs of Switzerland (SECO) Christian Robin and Barbara Yeggin, and the experts from the Project on Safety of Milk (SAFOSO), had a meeting within Kyiv, Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food reports. As to the report, the meeting was focused on the implementation of a system for food safety monitoring. As to the report, within the meeting, creation and implementation of a modern food safety control system based on risk assessment within the cycle of Ukrainian dairy products output and marketing were discussed; besides, discussed were also the results of the cooperation, the main tasks and challenges as for the implementation of this project. «The Swiss-Ukrainian project is an integral part of the systemic process for the restoration of the livestock sector and the provision of safe milk output,» Kovaliova admitted. As to her, the effective cooperation, supported by the Swiss side with the Ukrainian agricultural producers and the Agrarian Ministry has yielded significant results within the development of the Ukrainian market for organic products and has made a significant impact upon the establishment of a system for monitoring of the Ukrainian domestic raw milk/dairy products safety. As to the report, the meeting participants made an especial emphasis on the further development of the domestic raw milk small producers and improvement of the raw milk/dairy products quality. Discussed were also the prospects for further support of the domestic local dairy production, including through the development of cooperatives, in order to provide the population and family farms with the opportunity to recycle small amounts of raw milk and sell them thereupon within the local trading and catering establishments. Besides, within the meeting, discussed was also the pilot raw milk quality control program within 4regions of the project (Vinnytsia, Mykolayiv, Poltava and Kharkiv). In the case of a successful implementation of this program, it is to be extended to all Ukrainian domestic raw milk producers and raw milk reception stations.

Agro Perspectiva

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22:56 Vinnytsia region sugar output over 45,000 tons
21:18 Ukrainian this year Jan-Aug dairy products export up US$17.8 million
20:07 Bad weather leaves over 200 Ukrainian towns and villages without electricity
23:57 Ukraine can start shipping dairy products to Macedonia
23:14 Georgian sugar import exceeded US$27 million
21:07 S&P Global Platts: Ukrainian maize to slide below US$160 per ton as US maize tempts buyers
19:11 Prisma-14 Ltd starts sugar output new season
17:09 WHO: Alcohol abuse kills 3 million people yearly
23:19 Ukrainian grains export exceeds 8.8 million tons
22:44 Ukrainian plant varieties State registration to be improved
22:13 Poroshenko doubts that land market could open within near future
21:36 Lozova Machinery enters Canadian market
20:11 Cherkasy region agrarians harvested 28,000 tons sugar beets
23:14 2018 autumn sowing: winter rape sowing over
22:11 Belarus agrarians harvested sugar beets at almost 20,000 ha
21:44 Volyn region agrarians harvested sugar beets at 1,000 ha
21:32 Ukraine switches to European water quality monitoring system
14:15 UN scientific Committee recommends international trade measures for an additional four chemicals
23:19 State support 2018: Agrarians already received almost UAH145 million compensation
22:51 Agrarian Ministry: since early this year, land auctions have given UAH128 million
21:44 Ukraine, Germany discuss prospects of agricultural sector cooperation for next year
21:03 Agrarian Ministry expects domestic gardening program to be overfulfilled
20:28 Statistics Service: Ukrainian agriculture renews its positive dynamics
23:11 Vinnytsia region sugar output 17,700 tons
22:42 Ukraine, Moldova discuss ecological problems of Dniester River
22:17 Ukrainian delegation participates OIE Regional Commission 28th Conference
21:04 Ukraine to export maize to Europe first time ever
20:39 Harvesting 2018: agrarians threshed almost 37 million tons grains
23:47 Kyrgyzstan Jan-Aug sugar output exceeded 19,000 tons
22:04 Ukrainian Foods Safety Service, EBA discussed cooperation urgent issues
21:58 Ukrainian Aug sugar export exceeded 22,000 tons
21:36 SETAM to sell right to lease State-owned land
20:17 UN-backed Climate Summit urges action to the next level
23:04 Kyiv region agrarians start sugar beets harvesting
22:13 Groisman: draft State budget-2019 includes UAH6.9 milliard for agrarians support
21:07 Ukrainian cattle number down 4.3%
20:14 Interregional agrarian forum to be held within Sumy
19:56 Harvesting 2018: agrarians threshed 1.5 million tons maize
23:19 Over 400 Ukrainian market operators have already implemented HACCP system
22:14 Ukrainian this year Jan-Jul poultry meat export boosted to almost 185,000 tons
21:36 Trofimtseva to open the 10th All-Ukrainian Organic Food Fair
21:08 Azot suspends mineral fertilizers output
20:12 UN: Hunger reached alarming ten-year high within 2017
23:03 Ukraine breaks frozen fruits/berries export record
22:36 Cherkasy region sugar beets yield expected to be high
21:47 Europe faces potatoes deficit due to abnormal heat, UK prices tripled
17:11 Ukrainian producers invited to Turkey agricultural exhibition
15:43 Saudi Arabian SALIC buys Ukrainian farming company Mriya
23:38 Next year, India can shift Brazil as leading sugar producer
22:19 Agrarian Ministry upgrades its 2018/19 MY grains/leguminous crops forecast to 63.1 million tons

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