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Ukrainian, Swiss agrarian branch managers met within Kyiv

06.06.2018 16:18 "Agro Perspectiva" (Kyiv) As of this week, Olena Kovaliova, Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, the Ukrainian State Service for Foods Safety and Consumer Protection representatives and the Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food representatives, had a meeting with experts from the State Secretariat of Economic Affairs of Switzerland (SECO) Christian Robin and Barbara Yeggin, and the experts from the Project on Safety of Milk (SAFOSO), had a meeting within Kyiv, Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food reports. As to the report, the meeting was focused on the implementation of a system for food safety monitoring. As to the report, within the meeting, creation and implementation of a modern food safety control system based on risk assessment within the cycle of Ukrainian dairy products output and marketing were discussed; besides, discussed were also the results of the cooperation, the main tasks and challenges as for the implementation of this project. «The Swiss-Ukrainian project is an integral part of the systemic process for the restoration of the livestock sector and the provision of safe milk output,» Kovaliova admitted. As to her, the effective cooperation, supported by the Swiss side with the Ukrainian agricultural producers and the Agrarian Ministry has yielded significant results within the development of the Ukrainian market for organic products and has made a significant impact upon the establishment of a system for monitoring of the Ukrainian domestic raw milk/dairy products safety. As to the report, the meeting participants made an especial emphasis on the further development of the domestic raw milk small producers and improvement of the raw milk/dairy products quality. Discussed were also the prospects for further support of the domestic local dairy production, including through the development of cooperatives, in order to provide the population and family farms with the opportunity to recycle small amounts of raw milk and sell them thereupon within the local trading and catering establishments. Besides, within the meeting, discussed was also the pilot raw milk quality control program within 4regions of the project (Vinnytsia, Mykolayiv, Poltava and Kharkiv). In the case of a successful implementation of this program, it is to be extended to all Ukrainian domestic raw milk producers and raw milk reception stations.

Agro Perspectiva

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23:14 Gnidavskiy Sugar Plant ready products reach true European quality standards
21:07 Cabinet appointed Agrarian Policy Acting Minister
18:13 Ukrainian canned fish output up 13%
17:54 Ukrainian Fishery Agency invites entrepreneurs to take up grouper quotas
17:49 COP24 addresses climate change displacement ahead of crunch migration meeting
23:16 FAO sugar prices global index growing within third consecutive month
22:03 State Forestry Agency introduced additional measures against illegal Christmas trees felling
21:14 EBRD, FAO will partially finance Ukrainian companies FOODEX Japan 2019 participation
15:06 Ukrainian quotas for honey, processed tomatoes already exhausted
13:32 COP24: A million lives could be saved by 2050 through climate action
23:44 Ukrainian sugar beets harvesting campaign over
22:08 Share of foreign investment into Ukrainian livestock farming reaches 30%
21:14 Ukrainian raw milk output profitability up
18:03 Ukrainian grains export over 19 million tons
17:11 Soil pollution jeopardizing life on Earth, FAO warns
12:55 BASF and VanderSat collaborate to provide farmers with high-precision, field-specific crop optimization
23:27 Ukrlandfarming ranked among Ukrainian most innovative companies
22:46 Brazil shipped 12 sugar vessels to CIS countries
21:03 Ukrainian foods pavilion to work at exhibition within Japan
20:14 Harvesting 2018: agrarians threshed 69.3 million tons grains
19:11 FAO Chief urges transformative changes to how we eat
23:36 Vinnytsia Region sugar output to exceed 350,000 tons
23:17 Ukraine, Turkey agreed on agricultural cooperation main directions
21:12 Ukrainian this year walnut export up 77%
20:28 Experts: Ukrainian domestic market chicken prices possible to grow before New Year holidays
19:11 Four things UN Chief wants world leaders to know at major climate conference
12:20 Avocado Exports to the US Remain Strong in MY 2018/19
21:31 AB InBev Efes loses about 30% of its reusable bottles per year within Ukraine
20:03 State Forestry Agency: Ukrainian Christmas tree 2018 campaign launched
18:44 Brazilian sugar plants ethanol output up
17:02 Ukrlandfarming supports domestic livestock antibiotics norms toughening
16:11 UN crucial climate change conference COP24 gets underway
13:50 Soybean Growers Relieved to Hear Positive Trade News from G20
22:44 Ukraine opened Tunisian market for poultry meat export
22:13 Volyn region to have enough sugar this year
21:09 Zubko: German business ready to invest into Ukraine
20:53 Ukrainian Jan-Oct agricultural products EU export up US$60.4 million
19:11 80 adolescents a day will still die of AIDS by 2030 even despite epidemic slowdown
23:13 Cygnet completed sugar beets harvesting
22:18 Ukrainian Jan-Oct agricultural products export up almost US$165 million
22:07 Grains Corporation branches received over 1.5 million tons grains
20:38 Harvesting 2018: agrarians threshed 68.5 million tons grains
19:11 COP 24 UN climate change conference: what is at stake and what you need to know
23:04 Egypt sugar import cost down 31%
22:17 Experts: Ukrainian agricultural investments payback period about 4 years
21:14 Ecology Ministry to appeal judicial decision on elk hunting ban cancellation
20:53 Ukraine, EU agricultural products trade up 5%
19:11 UN: CO2 emissions up firstly within 4
23:07 Ukrainian Jan-Jun domestic wine sales up 12%
22:44 Cherkasy Azot starts new mineral fertilizer output

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