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Spring Field Works are in Full Swing at NIBULON

16.04.2018 14:15 "Agro Perspectiva" (Kyiv) NIBULONs production branches located in eleven regions of Ukraine continue performing spring field works sowing and primary crop care.

Last week, the companys divisions finished prevernal fertilizing of winter crops at its branches located in the southern and western regions. In total, 29,000 ha of winter grain and rapeseed have been fertilized. The specialists have started fertilizing winter wheat at the branches located in the east, because it became warm later there.

Meanwhile, NIBULONs production branches have started the first cultivation, as well as tillage of soil. As of today, we have harrowed about 10,000 ha of land (20 % of the planned volume). Harrowing of winter crops and land is in full swing.

In Mykolaiv region, the sowing of spring barley is completed on the area of about 1,000 ha.

It should be noted that In order to secure a high level of grain quality, crop yield, and preservation of soil fertility, NIBULON uses modern nitrogen fertilizers and complex mineral fertilizers, crop protection agents supplied by national and international producers, as well as the best seed grain. The companys branches are supplied with grain seeds and seeds of cultivated crops for spring sowing in 2018. In addition, the specialists of the production department constantly test innovative products and technologies; therefore, the production levels remain high.

In order to implement a complex of works, the company carried out renovation of its agricultural machinery fleet produced in Ukraine and abroad. It numbers 3,000 units. In addition, at the beginning of the year NIBULON announced its plans to invest USD 6 million in renewal of its agricultural machinery. On March 29, the company presented seven new Fendt 1038 VARIO tractors and eight out of twenty-two Belarusian MTZ 952.3 tractors at NIBULONs transshipment terminal. NIBULON purchased Fendt machinery under the foreign economic contract signed with the German company AGCO International GmbH. MTZ 952.3 tractors have been staffed individually for the needs of our company, which makes it possible to use the tractors more efficiently in spring sowing and winter crops sowing. Implementing the strategy of combine harvesters renovation, five Case combine harvesters and headers have been delivered to the branches located in the south,

Despite the late spring, a complex of spring field works will be completed in favourable agrotechnical terms thanks to concerted actions of NIBULONs specialists.

Agro Perspectiva

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