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DeLaval steps up its commitment to support dairy farmers drive for inclusive and sustainable growth in the dairy industry

27.09.2016 15:00 "Agro Perspectiva" (Kyiv) DeLaval is proud to drive sustainable growth further by embracing the UN Sustainable Development Goals and continue to grow its assortment of solutions that support dairy farmers in improving profitability and reducing environmental impacts. More than ever dairy farmers need to make the most of the resources they have. Farmers look to the latest technologies to ensure they can produce high quality milk at a lower cost. They work to increase the welfare and productivity of their animals in doing so are using feed, water, energy, as well as time spent on managing the farm and milking efficiently. This way they keep the cost per kg of milk sold as low as possible and reduce the related environmental impact. «In these economically challenging times we continue to team up with our customers for lasting results. From our leading position in dairy farming, we keep innovating and providing integrated solutions. As a global leader we also have a role to play in making the world more sustainable and secure»says Joakim Rosengren, President and CEO DeLaval. He adds, «The vision of DeLaval is to make sustainable food production possible by supporting dairy globally. What we do is clearly in line with three of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, namely: Zero hunger, Climate action, and Responsible consumption and production.» DeLaval has a string of solutions, in the field of farm management and milking systems, including consumables and services. Products which improve working conditions are: the milking robot DeLaval VMS, the monitoring solution DeLaval InService Remote, DeLaval Teat Spray Robot (TSR). Products which improve animal welfare in particular are: the DeLaval Swinging Cow Brush, ventilation and illumination solutions, the teat dip Ocean Blu, the Clover liner, DeLaval Body Condition Scoring BCS, the milk analysis system Herd Navigator, the Easy Stride hoofbath solution, the feed Feedtech range and Calf-care solutions. Several products aimed at improving animal welfare also have an indirect benefit on the environment. By increasing the productive lifetime of the cow farmers can increase the output from the farm while reducing the need for feed, land and water per kg of milk produced. The demand for dairy products is expected to grow globally by 177mega tonnes (23%) by 2025compared to 2013–15*. This additional milk will have to be produced within the environmental limits of the natural ecosystems of the planet, as reflected by the UN Sustainable Development Goals relating to the use of water, oceans, land, energy, and climate impact. Shorter term the biggest challenge for most dairy farmers is to be profitable as the milk price remains low while the cost of feed continues to be high in relation to the milk price. DeLaval supports the UN goal of Zero hunger by developing and providing products that can help dairy farmers increase their productivity and the production of their animals. By using the milking robot DeLaval VMS, high yielding cows can be milked 3times per day instead of 2and give more milk. The goal of Climate action is supported by products that save energy on farm such as the DeLaval heat recovery system that can recover up to 60percent of the heat extracted from cooling milk and convert it to hot water for use in pipeline and parlour cleaning. Methane emissions from dairy cattle are mainly related to rumination and can best be mitigated by improving the productivity of the cows over their lifetime. The DeLaval body condition scoring helps securing that the cows have healthy body fat reserves thus promoting milk production, reproductive efficiency and cow longevity. The UN goal of Responsible consumption and production is supported by DeLaval products and services that help farmers reduce food losses along the milk production chain, including post-harvest losses of feed. Many farmers accept that 10% of all feed will be left over- however with DeLaval Optimat that can be reduced to just 2%. This means a farmer can reduce feed waste by up to 80%. The company also supports this target as it integrates sustainability information into its reporting cycle distributed via www.delavalcorporate.com. The reporting is made in line with the GRI G4and corporate governance is designed in line with the UN Global Compact.

Agro Perspectiva

< Groisman: Local authorities must take the lead in forming programs to address pressing regional issues All news for
PM certain Ukrainian tax administration system to be changed >

18:21 Hungary gets certificates pet foods and plant origin foods export to Ukraine
16:00 2017/18 China Soybean Supply and Demand Update
15:00 Global Wheat Exporter Stocks Tighten to Satisfy Record Import Demand
12:45 Chinas 2018/19 Soybean Import Forecast Curbed On Higher Import Tariff for U.S. Soybeans
11:45 Near-Record U.S. Corn Exports in 2017/18
10:59 This year Lithuanian grains crop to be down 13%
10:10 Cargill reports fiscal 2018 fourth-quarter and full-year results
23:18 Harvesting 2018: three southern regions completed winter barley harvesting
22:59 Azerbaijan sugar export down 2 times
18:36 Ukrainian this year Jan-May agricultural products export to EU totaled about US$2.3 milliard
14:13 EBRD to provide 10 million loan to Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill
14:11 Kyrgyzstan this year Jan-Jun sugar output 19,000 tons
12:28 Six Belarusian food industry companies to obtain EU export permissions
23:19 Ukraine, Netherlands to deepen agricultural sector priority areas cooperation
22:56 Brazilian ethanol output can double by 2030
22:28 This year Jan-May Belarus dairy products export to China up 5 times
20:11 Ukrainian Jun sugar export up 25%
19:14 Ukrainian this year Jan-Jun raw milk output down 1.8%
09:00 Soy Growers Disappointed in Additional Tariffs, Continue to Seek Export Stability with Largest Customer
23:04 Harvesting 2018: agrarians start spring rape harvesting
22:51 Astarta redeems its US$64,000 shares
19:11 Ukrainian green energy receives EUR1.1 milliard investments
15:13 Signet Agrocompany has boosted its land bank to 29,000 ha
14:02 UN Forum: Laser-sharp focus needed to achieve Global Goals by 2030
23:14 Indian Hermes Pvt Ltd to invest US$125 million into Indonesean sugar/biogas plant
23:09 MPs propose lowering VAT for berry producers to 7% from 2019
22:36 Rada adopts law on organic products labeling
21:18 Ukrainian family farms taxation simplified
19:17 FAO praises fishing importance within global hunger fight
23:16 European Commission downgraded its EU sugar output forecast
22:34 Harvesting 2018: agrarians have started rye, oats harvesting
22:13 UN, EBRD experts analyzed reasons for Ukrainian fruits/vegetables export slowing
21:04 Groisman: We will continue developing agricultural producers support programs
20:11 FAO: Forests essential for world future
18:45 BASF investigates establishment of second Verbund site in C
23:13 Since early 2018, Food/Grains Corporation received over 70,000 tons new crop grains
22:41 Groisman: Compensations for agricultural sector companies are paid regardless of companies size
22:36 Harvesting 2018: agrarians have got 6.2 million tons grains/leguminous crops
18:08 Groisman: Cheapening agricultural equipment program beneficial for everyone
17:45 WHO: Dangers of poor quality health care revealed within all countries
23:36 Poltavazeronoprodukt extends its irrigated areas
22:13 Ukrainian biogas output from sugar beet pulp expected to rise
21:56 Semerak: Ukraine is already experiencing climate change effects
21:09 Khmelnitsky region: New innovative thermal power plant working on biomass launched
20:41 Volodymyr Lapa, Ukrainian Grain Association discuss domestic agricultural products export to China
23:41 Brazil sugar export down by almost 1 million tons
23:17 Harvesting 2018: Mykolaiv region agrarians have got 1 million tons early grains
22:36 Nibulon to implement US$2 milliard investment project within Egypt
22:13 Government approves Ukraine - Saudi Arabia investment memorandum
21:41 FAO: Poorer countries set to be more and more dependent' on food imports

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