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The market of wine in Ukraine

Data of publication: December 2003
66 pages

The detail research highlights the situation on wine market in Ukraine. There is a growth of the demand for this product, stiff competition of producers for bigger share of the growing market, enlargement of the volumes of sales, increase of the quantity of producers. Ukrainian wine manufacturers conduct the improvement and enlargement of the range of their products. Though there are already a certain leaders on the market, however their share of the market is changeable in the meantime. There is still an opportunity of appearance of new rivals. At the same time Ukrainian producers try to find possible buyers of their products abroad that witness about a certain glut on the wine market in Ukraine due to sharp increase of production and wine import from CIS. The requisite condition for keeping and expanding of the own market share is the conduction of correct marketing policy by companies, that requested the owning of detailed information concerning the Ukrainian market of cognac in one's turn. You can find it in our research.

  Quantity of pages
1  Import of wine in 1998 – first half 2003   24
1.1. General results of import  
1.2. Import by countries  
1.3. Import by item names  
1.4. Import by producers  
1.5. Brief reports on main importers  
2  Export of wine in 1998 – first half 2003  12
2.1. General results of export  
2.2. Export by countries  
2.3. Export by item names  
2.4. Export by producers  
3  Ukrainian wine production in 1998 – first half 2003  22
3.1. The dynamics of Ukrainian wine production  
3.2. Brief reports on main producers  
4  Consumption of wine in 1998-2002  1
4.1. The dynamics of consumption  
5  General trends of Ukrainian wine market  5

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