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The market of baby canned food in Ukraine

Data of publication: February 2003
65 pages

The detail research highlights the situation on baby canned food market in Ukraine. Especially it concerns Ukrainian market of fruit and vegetable juices and purees for infants. Also import of kinder groats without milk is described. At the beginning of 90-th Ukrainian producers of baby canned food collide with stiff competition at the first time of their history. Therefore they were compelled to transfer from extensive marketing technology to intensive marketing strategy within last ten years. Now Ukrainian enterprises, which were successful in their reforms, hold and increase their share of the market due to the increase of the quality of their production and enlargement of the range of products. Also the leading world producers don’t set aside the Ukrainian market of baby canned food. In spite of the hard demographic setting in Ukraine now it has a good opening. In 2002 it was registered break of birth rate decline in Ukraine for the first time for many years. Generally increase of birth rate took place at the expense of urban population, which is more solvent and have a bigger demand for purchasing of baby canned food including fruit and vegetable juices and puree. Also new generation of Ukrainian adult consumers, which grow in a new social and economic system, will enter on the market at the end of the current decade. It is forecasted that the quality of consumed products will be at the first place for them. The constant perfection of Ukrainian economy witnesses that the new generation will be more solvent and will have more experience at the choice of the food products. The requisite condition for keeping and expanding of the own market share is the conduction of the correct marketing policy by companies, that requested the owning of detailed information concerning the Ukrainian market of baby canned food in one's turn. You can find it in our research.

  Quantity of pages 
1    Import of baby canned food in Ukraine in 2001-2002  42 
1.1.   General results of import  
1.2.   Import by products  
  1.2.1. Fruit and vegetable purees  
  1.2.2. Fruit and vegetable juices  
  1.2.3. Milkless groats  
1.3.   Ukrainian custom regulations of baby canned food import  
1.4.   Brief reports on main importers  
2     Production of baby canned food in Ukraine in 2001-2002  13 
2.1.   General results of production  
2.2.   Production by products  
  2.2.1. Fruit purees  
  2.2.2. Fruit juices  
  2.2.3. Vegetable juices  
2.3.   Brief reports on main producers  
3    Consumption of baby canned food in Ukraine in 2001-2002  5 
3.1.   Annual consumption  
3.2.   Consumption by region  
3.3.   Structure of consumption by products  
4    The main trends of Ukrainian market of baby canned food  3 

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