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Ukrainian grain market 16.12.2015

As of this week, Ukrainian domestic grains market was influenced by national currency factor and global market tendencies. Thus, within this week UAH/US$ exchange rate was going down and up in succession but by end week it has remained about as high as of early week. Correspondingly, grains purchase prices at domestic linear and sea ports elevators were also changing (it is to be admitted, grains owners tried to maintain their grains sale prices high, though they were not always successful at that).
Thus, by end this week, Ukrainian domestic market most grains prices have changed just insignificantly (within UAH2550per MT), with barley/maize prices remaining unchanged.
In meanwhile, within this week traders activity on Ukrainian domestic grains market has much slackened due to oncoming New Year/Christmas holidays and owing to traders being unwilling to make any sales/purchases on falling market.
On export market, within this week Ukrainian wheat prices have, once again, declined due to global market fundamental bear factors. At same time, country export market maize and barley prices remained unchanged (though export market barley sale rates have fallen almost to zero low, with prices becoming just nominal).
It is to be admitted, within this week Ukraine domestic grains processors have demonstrated rather high activity. Processors used to bid purchase prices more favorable for agricultural producers than those bidden by traders; also, processors made more grains purchases to replenish their reserves ahead of New Year/Christmas holidays than traders did.
In meanwhile, within this week Ukrainian this year grains harvesting campaign has almost reached its end: just about 1% total maize areas so far remained to be harvested.

Thus, as to Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food operative data, as of this year Dec 16, Ukrainian agrarians have harvested 23,031.000MT maize (down against last year similar 27,713.000MT) at 4,049.000ha (down against previous year similar 4,591.000ha), average yield 56.9metric centners per ha (down as of last year similar 60.4metric centners per ha).
This year maize is planned to be harvested at total 4,089.000ha.

As to Ministry, as of this year Dec 16, Ukrainian agrarians have sown winter crops (for grain) at 7,111.000ha (total planned 7,393.000ha), incl. winter wheat 5,983.000ha (total planned 6,189.000ha), rye 145,000ha (157,000ha), barley 983,000ha (1,046.000ha).

Export companies activity


Within reporting week Ukrainian traders have grown their 2class wheat purchase prices to UAH3,8004,000per MT (EXW), up UAH25per MT against previous week; 3class wheat purchase prices were boosted to UA3,7003,900per MT (EXW), up UAH25per MT as of last week; at same time, feed wheat purchase prices were retained 3,4503,700per MT (EXW), same as within last week.
As of this week, on CPT Black Sea/Azov Sea ports basis, Ukrainian export companies have risen their 2class wheat purchase prices to UAH4,0004,100per MT (up UAH50per MT against previous week) and 3class wheat prices to UAH3,9004,000per MT (up UAH25per MT against previous week); feed wheat prices, however, were retained UAH3,7003,800per MT (unchanged against previous week).
Simultaneously, within this week traders have sagged their new crop 2class wheat FOB Black Sea/Azov Sea ports basis export prices to US$192194per MT (down US$2as of last week) and 3class wheat prices to US$190192per MT (down US$2against previous week); at same time, feed wheat prices (this MS Dec-Jan shipments) were declined to US$180184per MT (down US$1per MT against previous week).


As of this week, traders retained their EXW basis feed maize purchase prices UAH3,2503,450per MT (unchanged against previous week).
Within this week, on CPT Black Sea/Azov Sea ports basis, exporters have kept their feed maize purchase prices UAH3,5003,600per MT (unchanged as of last week).
Also, within this week, on FOB Black Sea/Azov Sea ports basis (this MS Dec-Feb shipments), exporters retained their new crop feed maize offer prices US$170176per MT (same as within previous week).


Within reporting week traders kept their feed barley purchase prices UAH3,4503,650per MT (EXW), unchanged against previous week.
At same time, on CPT Black Sea/Azov Sea ports basis, traders have declined their feed barley purchase prices to UAH3,6503,750per MT (down UAH25per MT against previous week).
Besides, within this week traders retained their barley export prices (FOB Black Sea/Azov Sea ports basis) US$180184per MT (unchanged as of last week).


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